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Platform: Xbox 360
PEGI Rating: Ages 16 and Over
Media: Video Game

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Developed by Warner Bros Games Montréal and released by Warner Bros, the Batman Arkham Origins game is based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. This action-adventure video game, which is the third main installment in the Batman: Arkham series, was released worldwide on October 25, 2013. Written by Corey May, Ryan Galletta and Dooma Wendschuh, this game is set five years before the Batman: Arkham Asylum and follows a younger Batman. Featuring superior visuals and an engaging storyline, the Batman Arkham Origins video game is sure to keep you engrossed for a long time. The story of this game focuses on introducing Batman to all the other important characters. If you are a true fan of Batman, this video game will make a great addition to your collection. Incorporating elements of stealth game tactics, the Batman Arkham Origins Xbox 360 video game will entertain and excite you. The cape can be used to glide around Gotham City, while the grapnel gun's retracting rope attaches to hard-to-reach ledges. Cryptographic Sequencer can be used to hack security consoles, Batclaw to hook on to surfaces and the Batarang is useful as a throwing weapon. Batman can use his plane to quickly travel from one place to another. Players are rewarded experience points for their performance. These points help in upgrading Batman's abilities and gadgets. Some of the side missions included in the Batman Arkham Origins Xbox 360 game are Crime in Progress, Most Wanted, the Dark Knight System and more. Get hold of the Batman Arkham Origins video game for an enjoyable gaming experience.

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